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Even if the data does not match, you can link your PAN-support, know the way


Even if the data does not match, you can link your PAN-support, know the way

If you also want your pen card to become inoperative after March 31, link it to Aadhaar.

●Pen-Aadhaar card must be linked by March 31

 ●Both will be available from April 1, need to be linked

● Sitting at home can link in easy steps

 The process of linking the base-pen is very easy.  It will only take a few minutes and you will be done at home.  The difficulty has increased for people whose details vary in both the base and the pen card.

If your data is also mismatched then you have to resort to biometric base authentication option.  For this you have to download the seeding request from the NSDL portal and go to the nearest Pensenter to complete the offline biometric base authentication.

 Another option

 Another option you have is to take a simple 1 page form and fill in the pen number, base number and the name in both the documents.  Other than that whenever you link support and pen update the required information in any one document.  Only after completing it will you be able to link online support pen-support.

 What if there is no pen-support link?

 The deadline for linking Permanent Account Number i.e. PAN to Aadhaar is 31st March 2021.  If you do not link the page by then, it will be deactivated from 1 April 2021.  The latter will have to pay a hefty fine for activating the PAN card.

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